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Khatapana Review and Feedback by Shashwat

by Shashwat Dhakal

Aug 9, 2022 - 2 min read

Khatapana Review and Feedback by Shashwat

First Impressions

Being from a cybersecurity background, I loved the idea of having two-factor OTP verification. The signup process is also very quick which contributes to better UX. The UI is extremely good as it has light colors which don’t strain the eyes. Also liked the color palette. The #paisakohisabkitab is a good marketing strategy as well. It’s unique and fits in with the product.

However, the dashboard looks very empty. The “Settings” and “View and Edit Profile” buttons redirect to the same page.

Also loved how you can add another person to your transactions with the “Add Party” button. And the logo choices in the transactions menu are very well-put. Loved the referral idea for marketing. It would go well with the sneezer marketing strategy. However, the notifications don’t have a signal for incoming notifications.



The web app is extremely similar to an app that I use called “Monefy”. The user could be assisted with a direction chatbox saying “click here to get started” which points to the “Add Transaction” button. It’s a tad bit difficult to get started when presented with a blank screen. I loved how the user can add amounts for a multitude of purposes and pictures of bills.

The bar graph seems to be a bit analytical. A pie chart with money spent in percentage figures would be better. When the pie chart is clicked, it opens into a more analytical bar graph that shows every detail to the user.

Liked the feature to switch to the Nepali Calendar as well. This feature would alone set this app apart for the Nepali market. The personal and business account from a single Khatapana account is also a big plus.



The web app is very vulnerable to SQL injections and cookie exploitation. This can be mitigated by turning autosave data off on the signup and login pages. It will require the user to input the password every time which is good for security. The sidebar could be expanded with two or three more options.

I would suggest money hacks or how to save money or even partner with a hiring website to display the “Make Money” option. Good branding strategy, in my opinion. The bar graph converted to a pie chart would be a good addition. The transactions don’t record decimal points and only record after the total decimal equals one rupee.

Link a digital wallet or bank would be a good option as this would provide some degree of automation. The user would only have to input cash transactions. Very difficult to partner with digital wallets or banks but it would propel this app to the next level.

P.S. mobile payment apps/wallets like Khalti may be interested in this kind of stuff.

Overall an extremely well-put app for recording transactions. In my humble opinion, I would rate the app a 7 out of 10. A myriad of possibilities for the app. I would consider taking huge inspiration from Monefy, a similar international app. My personal problem with Monefy is that it doesn’t have a Nepali calendar which is a bummer as I receive my payroll based on the same calendar but the records are kept in the international calendar.


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