What Shrunk My Momo?

by Khatapana

Nov 20, 2022 - 2 min read

What Shrunk My Momo?

Is MOMO your favorite food? Why are we even asking this. Momo can be termed as our un-official national food. Well, who doesn't love momo? 

If you are a momo lover just like most of our team members, then you may have noticed one thing for sure. The price of your favorite momo in most of the local momo shops have remained the same. For example: you still get Buff momos for Rs. 80 to Rs. 120 per plate and chicken momos for Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 in most of the shops around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.  

And then you may have also observed another thing: the SIZE of the momo! Hasn't it grown smaller? Or are we just over-observing things? In many shops, we have confirmed that the size of the momo has become smaller.   

And this explains how the momo price has stayed the same while the price of other things have sky rocketed. Isn't it? The price of petrol, diesel and gas, for example. If feels like just yesterday when the price of petrol was around Rs. 100 per litre and today it has almost doubled. 

Are you surprised how is this even possible? We were surprised too. Because the price of meat has gone up and so has the price of other ingredients of momo like onion and spices. Yes, this increase in price is known as "INFLATION". Yet, the price of momo remains the same!

And the momo shops certainly are making a smart move. To offset the increase in price of the ingredients, gas and other inputs, they have reduced their momo size! Mind you, they still haven't reduced the number of momo they serve per plate but reduced the size of momo. And at time, this is even not noticeable. Many of us may not have even noticed this. Well, next time when you visit your favorite momo joint, do observe and see if the things that we are telling you is correct! 

And it's not only the momo or the momo shops, many other products like your favorite noodles, snacks (lays, kurkure) or chocolate bar seem to use this strategy. This strategy is known as "SHRINKFLATION" i.e. the size of the product is shrunk and the price is not increased. 

So, does it make sense now? Do let us know! 

One prime example may be the match box or chocofun. You still get a packet of match box for Rs. 2 and a bar of chocofun for Rs. 5! While the number of match sticks have gone down and so has the size and amount of chocolate in the chocofun. It will not be a surprise if chocofun will have only the wafer inside. 

Where else have your seen "Shrinkflation"?

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